Scan. Pay. Walk.

Experience the 21st century restaurant bill app. Skip the wait—Ready is a fast and secure payment method for modern, on-the-go, always have their phones strapped to them, humans.

In a hurry?
Get the Ready App to pay your restaurant bill.

This fastest mobile payment app for restaurants allows you to pay when YOU are ready. There's no wait time required for staff, card processing terminals, other people at your table, the stars to align—no, we say! No wait at all. Just scan, pay, and walk.


Scan or tap the Ready Table Target with the Ready App to see the bill in real time.


Your usual tip percentage can be set in your settings for a speedy checkout. Of course, you can always choose a special tip amount when it's time to pay to reflect your appreciation at that moment.


Your usual tip % is included for speed, but you can select one of the preset options or a custom amount as you see fit.


Your itemized receipt is saved in the Ready App and from their device, your server will be able to see that you've paid. It's always polite to let your server know that you've paid with a thumbs up and a wave goodbye—but if you're in a hurry it's all good. You've done your civic duty!

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