RC Show 2018 - Restaurant Tech Highlights

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Restaurant Canada Show remains our favourite restaurant show in the world! Besides showcasing our latest mobile payment solution, this year we had the opportunity to learn about fellow tech companies who are helping restaurants be more efficient. Here is a list of the solutions we liked the best:

Touch Bistro

Touch Bistro is a leader in Cloud-based POS systems specifically designed for the Restaurant industry. One thing that stood out the most is their Tableside Order Management feature. Servers have portable tablets which allow them to input orders directly to the POS tableside. It also prompts the server to up-sell on each item when there is a possibility for add-ons or substitutions. This way servers orders are going immediately to the kitchen helping increase the table turns and they’re always up-selling those extras to add to your daily profits!


7shifts is a scheduling software for restaurants that is designed to help you manage labour costs more effectively and improve communication with your staff. Communication is key and they provide an easy platform for owners, managers and staff to directly communicate about availability and reduces the chance you’ll have a last minute shift to fill. Their system is directly integrated with your POS which allows you to monitor your labour costs daily, weekly or monthly. The other awesome feature is the push notifications to alert you when staff are about to reach overtime so you can act accordingly.


Staffy allows you to find restaurant and event staff in minutes reducing stressful shifts for staff and management when you have a staff member call in last minute. This is really beneficial especially when your full time staff go on vacation or need to book off on a holiday that you usually need everyone on shift. Staffy gives you and your staff more flexibility to assist you whether it’s a last minute crisis or preparing in advance for a big event.


Feedback App is a great startup that allows restaurants to reduce their food waste by providing time sensitive promotions on product that, if not sold, will end up in the waste bin. This optimizes the bottom line, brings in new customers and ultimately helps solve the epidemic of food waste. They also have a giveback program so as guests order by using Feedback they are also helping provide meals to those in need within your community!

Interactive Restaurant Technology

Interactive Restaurant Technology has turned restaurant tables into an interactive dining experience. Guests can not only view the menu, but also order directly from their table. This has resulted in a 32% higher average chq size as guests are able to order what they want exactly when they want. The table is completely smash proof, kid proof, scratch proof and heat resistant by using tempered glass and allows for multi-person use. Not only can you order food through their system there are also numerous apps for guests to play games, order cinema tickets, book taxis and even watch the food they ordered while it’s being prepared! The possibilities are endless!

What kind of tech are you using at your restaurant that has reduced stress in your day to day operations? 

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Amber Buttner

Written by Amber Buttner